I Get Charmed Island Jewelry Brands

Chalet D'or Jewelry US Virgin Islands.
CHALET D'OR is our parent company and has been operating in the Virgin Islands since 1968. Our jewelry brands include Get Charmed™, Sandals For Your Neck™, Virgin Bling™ and IndoGreek™.
Our Chalet D'or brand was handed down from generation to generation, keeping the treasured legacy of excellence in customer service and jewelry design alive.  We continue to carry  classic Chalet D'Or designs and occasionally release limited edition vintage stock that collectors love. 
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Sandals For Your Neck Jewelry.

Sandals For Your Neck was founded by Sunil Mohanani to bring the joy of beach culture with you wherever you go. These simple sandal pendants and flip-flop necklaces have been a huge hit in St. Thomas and at beach destinations around the world that carry the classic design.  Don't accept imitators, look for the official stamp. 
These little piece of paradise reminds you "don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be all right." Available in many colors, styles, materials, and themes, there's a sandal for everyone.
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I Get Charmed Jewelry Factory Outlet.

The I Get Charmed factory outlet opened in St. Thomas to bring a variety of island-inspired designs to the beach lover. Sunil Mohanani assembled a beautiful collection of unique designs that help you bask in the sunshine of good vibes.  Now, all three of these brands are housed under one collection online, it's like a website powered treasure hunt. You never know what you might discover. The I Get Charmed brand has become a popular, locally run business that gives back to the Island of St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands.  We're proud to bring this local favorite, along with our exceptional pricing, to you online. 
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